Get away with rape? No more. Sign this petition.

In Tunisia and Algeria, rapists can escape justice by marrying the women they attack.

It’s shocking and true. In these countries, a man can marry the girl he rapes and get away with it…if the survivor is under 18. He can then legally terrorize her for the rest of her life. Some girls see suicide as their only way out.

You can change this.

Sign the petition demanding an end to discrimination against women and girl survivors of sexual violence.

Outrage from activists like you helped close this rape loophole in Morocco. But there’s another, equally horrendous loophole.

Morocco’s Penal code allows rapists to receive a lighter sentence …if the woman is not a virgin.

Rape is rape – not a marriage proposal.

Stand up for the rights of women and girls in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Here are the petition’s 3 additional demands:

Recognize rape within marriage as a specific criminal offense
End laws against sex between unmarried consenting adults
Train police, judges, lawyers and healthcare workers to respond to survivors of sexual violence in a sensitive, confidential and non-discriminatory manner
Will you join me and add your name to the petition urging these countries to end discrimination against women and girl survivors of sexual violence?

Thank you for joining the fight for human rights,

Cristina M. Finch
Identity and Discrimination Unit
Amnesty International USA