If you’re looking for a place to donate to Gaza, here is one.


 Help us reach our goal of $13,000 to provide sanitation and personal care supplies for those displaced to UNWRA schools in Gaza. 

Dear Friends,
At the Rachel Corrie Foundation, we have watched from afar with horror as events have unfolded in Gaza. The United Nations reports that the number of internally displaced people exceeds 250,000, multiple times more than the peak number from Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09. People are housed in schools and temporary shelters throughout all of the Gaza Strip. According to the UN, ” The priority continues to be the provision of food, water, sleeping, hygiene, and cleaning items.”

Our dear friend in Gaza Khaled Nasrallah is a United Nations Works Relief Agency (UNWRA) employee responsible for those at the Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A in the center of Rafah. In 2003 in Rafah, Khaled and his family were inside their threatened home where my daughter Rachel stood when she was killed by an Israeli military bulldozer.

Having been forced out of their home later that year, Khaled and his family know well what it means to be displaced during times like these. With his efforts and leadership, the Rachel Corrie Foundation and our partner the Rebuilding Alliance have been able to secure credit to provide hygiene and personal care kits, currently available in Gaza, for the 2200 people who have sought shelter in the Rafah Boys Preparatory School #A, where Khaled is in charge. This is the largest UNRWA school refuge in Rafah and is housing a large group of refugees from the border areas who left their homes during the first hours of the Israeli attack, taking nothing with them but the clothes they were wearing. UNWRA reports that “maintaining standards of hygiene is of particular importance in order to avoid major public health concerns.”

Please join us now in supplying some relief for the families who are living under these trying conditions. We need your help and will be so grateful for it!

Cindy Corrie

To donateplease visit our joint funding site with Rebuilding Alliance, our co-sponsor for this project, or visit here and designate your donation in support of the Gaza Emergency Shelter Fund.