LEGO: Make Empowered Female Minifigs Permanent

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SAVE THE SCIENTISTS! News broke last week that the LEGO Ideas Research Institute is considered a “limited edition” item and no more sets will be produced for the sold-out set. Thousands of customers are deeply disappointed by this announcement. We want sets like the LEGO Ideas Research Institute to be a long time fixture on toy shelves everywhere, rather than a “limited edition” set only a small group of customers was able to purchase. The line sends an excellent message to children and clearly their is the customer demand to continue production and even expand the line. Please don’t take them away, LEGO!

LEGO has enormous influence over what is marketed to children and what children play with, which is why strong female characters are important for both girls and boys to see represented in LEGO toys. A large section of LEGO’s customer base have used their voices and wallets consistently for three years to communicate they are wanting, ready for, and will purchase sets like the sold out LEGO Ideas Research Institute featuring three female scientists. Please change this “limited edition” set into a Lego mainstay.