Peliti Statement about Dr. Vandana Shiva’s Work on Food Security

The application of scientific findings in the agricultural systems,  through promoting agro-ecology in order to achieve food security,  has been the aim of Dr. Vandana Shiva’s work during the last  decades. Four hundred scientists have been working for the UN for  over six years   and say that “we must look to small holder  traditional farming to deliver food security in Third World  countries through agro-ecological systems which are sustainable.  Governments must invest in these systems. This is the clear  evidence.”( International Assessment of Agriculture, Knowledge,  Science and Technology for Development -IAASTD).

Dr. Shiva is also promoting seed saving by farmers  and free seed  exchange for non-patented seeds. This is what science dictates.  Otherwise there is no evolution and adaptation to the changing  climatic conditions.

Unfortunately various industrial lobbies are promoting  unscientific  strategies by imposing chemical industrial agriculture everywhere on  the planet along with the seeds that have to be bought every year  (for annual crops) so as to create oligopoly, raise the prices and  have more profits.. They deprive nations and  farmers of the choice  for using the type of agriculture that suits them best. Within this  context, they are also gunning for Dr. Vandana Shiva, using well  planned Public Relations strategies.

Dr. Shiva promotes agro-ecology and regenerative agriculture,  the  type of farming that  restores the health of the soil and as a  consequence  the health of humankind.

Our association supports Dr. Vandana Shiva’s work  all over the planet for seed freedom, the rights of small scale farmers and earth democracy.  We are happy to co-operate with her and her team towards our common goal of food security on the planet. Science dictates that food security can be achieved through agroecological tools and freedom of non- patented seeds.  Let’s give farmers and consumers a choice of  the type of agriculture that they prefer.

(Peliti is a greek seed savers organization that has been working for the last 20 years  against the loss of biodiversity in the food sector, promoting  the regeneration of the seeds that are not covered by intellectual property rights or patents. ,