Caring, Survival and Justice vs the Tyranny of the Market: International Women’s Conference



Dear friends,

Here is the leaflet for the conference with a partial list of confirmed speakers. We will update that list as confirmations come in and send a link so you can book in advance. Please circulate this mailing as widely as possible on email, facebook, twitter…

The presence of women and men from an increasing number of countries and in different situations broadens the implications of everything we’ll discuss. It ensures that caring will be defined in a deeper way, spelling out all that carers accomplish and the lives they live. We will define caring, not only as the industry which aims to profit from our needs, but as the perspective of a movement which is demanding that the market be at the service of people rather than people at the service of the market.

We will be able to compare our campaigning: what we campaign for and against, and what we have learnt about the best way to build our networks and organisations. We will discuss this moment in time – the political forces, the new technologies, the power relations between the classes and among sectors of people. We will discuss what we want to do together and as individual organisations in different parts of the world, and how to strengthen our collective way of working while maintaining our autonomy.

In the days following the conference we plan to hold meetings on particular countries and/or issues. We hope that by the end, we will all be in a better position to join with others in opposing the forces of repression and exploitation that are ranged against carers and those we care for.

The justice movement in industrial and non-industrial countries, among native people, indigenous people, refugee people, employed and unemployed, waged, partially waged and unwaged, is growing every day. This is our time.


Invest in caring not killing.

Sara Callaway, Nina Lopez and Benoit Martin            facebook