Israeli conscientious objector Atalya Ben Abba in Athens-feminist antimilitarist meeting

Presentation Sissy Vovou

In May 10, Atalya ben Abba was invited to Athens by the feminist organisation TO MOV ( for a public meeting with the main aim to highlight the occupation of Palestine by the israeli state and to stand against it through the words of resistance in Israel.  Here is a video-interview, and further is the written interview we took from Atalya.

On 31st May, Alexia Tsouni, member of the organisation went to Israel – Palestine and participated in a demonstration in front of the Gaza strip. She subsequently met Palestinians and Israeli resisters, and took video interview with Sahar Vardi,  woman conscientious objector. See at at the end of the post (with Greek subtitles that are unnecessary in this post).

Photo from our public meeting

The army, the conscientious objectors

The movement of conscientious objectors is on the rise or not?

It is rather on the rise, there are more and more people joining us. We are using social media, in order to win more and more people to our ideas. Our organisation Mesarvot, exists since 4 years, and we are doing many things. There is more progress now, as we are women in the majority. This is crucial. Ten or 20 years ago, there were less women than men, who refused. Now more and more young women refuse.

How did this movement begun?

We got in contact with all kinds of organiations. It started as a network that brought many refusnik organisations together. It developed from there. So in the last four years we have this developement.

In 2014 a letter that was the beginning of Mesarvot. And from then more people joined.

You said that in 2017 a letter was signed by more than hundrend conscripts who were prepared to refuse enlisting in the army

In 2017 there was this letter. Out of the 100 not all of them would publicly refuse, some of them are anonymous and some would find other ways of getting out of the army. Here is the english translation of this letter at the end.

Mattan Helman and Ayelet Brachfeld are in prison
Ayelet Brachfeld has been already 90 days in prison, and is important that we show our support and stand by her in her brave action. Of course we support also Mattan Helman.

In which way?

In Israel we do demonstration on the mountain in front of the prison and encourage people to send letters to us and bring them to her, encourage people to demonstrate all aroung the world. So you could demonstrate also.

You said that there is a high rate of suicide in the army

The service in the army is very emotionally stressful. Very stressful bodily and mentally. The environment is very toxic. The people who don’t know they can resist, because they come from villages or remote areas, they cannot easily get out, so such people may commit suicide. More soldiers die by suicide than in battle. But we don’t know numbers. They say that about 30 or 40 soldiers commit suicide each year.

Η πλήρης συνέντευξη στο Μωβ της Ισραηλινής ακτιβίστριας Σαχάρ Βαρντί με πλάνα από την διαδήλωση στα σύνορα με την Γάζα, 31/3/2018

Δημοσιεύουμε σήμερα με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους την πλήρη συνέντευξη στο Μωβ της Ισραηλινής ακτιβίστριας Σαχάρ Βαρντί την 01/04/2018, μαζί με πλάνα του Μωβ από την διαδήλωση στα σύνορα με την Γάζα στις 31/03/2018 που διοργάνωσε η "Συμμαχία Γυναικών για την Ειρήνη" (Coalition of Women for Peace), φεμινιστική οργάνωση στο Ισραήλ ενάντια στην κατοχή της Παλαιστίνης και υπέρ μιας δίκαιης ειρήνης. Το κάλεσμα ( έγινε για υποστήριξη και αλληλεγγύη στον λαό της Γάζας, για καταδίκη της δολοφονικής βίας εναντίον των διαδηλωτών στην Μεγάλη Πορεία της Επιστροφής, και με το πάγιο αίτημα της επιστροφής των Παλαιστινίων προσφύγων στον τόπο τους και του τερματισμού του αποκλεισμού της Γάζας.

Gepostet von Το Μωβ am Mittwoch, 25. April 2018

Interview with Israeli feminist activist and conscientious objector Sahar Vardi

Η πλήρης συνέντευξη στο Μωβ του Παλαιστίνιου ακτιβιστή Μπασέμ Ταμίμι με πλάνα από την επίθεση στο Νάμπι Σάλεχ, 6/4/2018

Δημοσιεύουμε σήμερα με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους την πλήρη συνέντευξη στο Μωβ του Παλαιστίνιου ακτιβιστή Μπασέμ Ταμίμι, πατέρα της φυλακισμένης 17χρονης ακτιβίστριας Αχέντ Ταμίμι, μαζί με πλάνα του Μωβ από την επίθεση του ισραηλινού στρατού κατοχής στο χωριό… Νάμπι Σάλεχ, Δυτική Όχθη, Παλαιστίνη, 6/4/2018.

Gepostet von Το Μωβ am Freitag, 20. April 2018

Interview with Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi, father of Ahed Tamimi


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