Announcement of the collectives of the Panhellenic Network


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Announcement of the collectives of the Panhellenic Network: Not in the inclusion of refugees in the miserable structures (camps & hotspots)

By a joint decision of the Ministers of Civil Protection, Health and Immigration and Asylum, the measures to restrict the movement of residents in the Reception and Identification Centers of the country are extended until July 19, 2020 in order to prevent the occurrence and spread of corona- virus / COVID19 cases.

According to that decision, the exit hours are set from 07:00 to 21:00 and in cases where no means of transport are available, the exit of up to one hundred and fifty (150) people per hour is allowed, in groups of less than ten (10) people. The measures referred to in the decision extend to all of the hospitality structures country-wide”.

This state that has turned the rights of thousands of people into paper rags, this state that keeps on drowning them in the Aegean and shooting them in Evros, this state that keeps them trapped on the Aegean islands, this one, which staples them in containers with dozens of others and forces them to live under indecent and dangerous living conditions, this state that abandons them without access to emergencies and does not provide them with basic medical care, this same state, proceeds to a further restriction of movement in the First Reception and Identification Centers and the rest of hospitality structures, simply because it can (in order to satisfy its own electoral-political expediencies), without any substantive reason, without any logical explanation, without any reason, without any confirmed threat to the public health.

This state, the Greek state, caresses the ears of the Far Right audience and of the petty- bourgeois ruffians, who do not like to see foreigners circulating around them.

This state confirms that the measures under cover of the coronavirus are here to stay, as a permanent rights’ exception and restriction of the freedoms of all of us and first and foremost of the weakest ones.

It’s not the refugees that represent a threat to public health, but the state.
It’s not the Asylum Seekers that represent a threat to society but the indifference of the latter that forms a threat to the freedom of all of us.

– Withdraw the traffic restriction provision for those, who stay in First Reception and Identification Centers and hospitality structures across the country, wherever there are no confirmed virus positive cases.

– Asylum seekers are no ‘second- rate’ humans. No to the exceptions of rights.

– Equal rights for all.

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