Operation Lysistrata

Lysistrates Operation Initiative Group

Two and a half thousand years ago, as Aristophanes writes in his play of the same name, Lysistrata, an Athenian woman along with the women of Athens and Sparta, collaborated to end the long-lasting catastrophic war between their two cities.

Today we reflect on our grandmothers who, born in the early 1900s, grew up in the Great War, experiencing poverty, grief and loss. The same women gave birth and raised their children, our mothers, in World War II and again in grief, loss and hunger. We, their daughters, today see the rise of a Third World War that will affect our own lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren leading to hunger, misery, lack of education, and death for what will be, five consecutive generations. A war that will aggravate the destruction of our planet that is already suffering from the galloping ecological crisis, the destruction of water, food, soil and countless species of life that exist on it.

Whenever the rulers of this planet believe that it is time to culminate their state of war and rivalries, by dropping bombs, it is the societies that suffer the heavy losses. The winners are always the same; the ones who cause the disaster and who prepare the next conflict, depending on their own interests, that have nothing to do with those of the ordinary people. Our societies are constructions made of plastic bricks that whenever the rulers choose, they tear down and rebuild from scratch. But our lives and communities are not plastic bricks. On the contrary, they are entities worthy of respect and care.
There are currently dozens of open war fronts on our planet; some of them have lasted decades, as this map clearly demonstrates: https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/maps-and-graphics/2017/04/04/updated-mapped-world-war

“Operation Lysistrates” is a call to the grandmothers, mothers, daughters who live on the planet today and who have lost, or could lose their beloved men, women, children, sacrificed to the plans of the armed tyrants. We demand World Peace and the Cessation of All Wars without exception, using the available modern means of coordination and communication.

“Operation Lysistrates” is an operation that aims to spread across the globe through this wonderful tool that we have the fortune to have in our hands: the Internet. A tool that opens borders not only for the economic empires, but also for our communication and coordination.

We invite you, citizens of the world, to participate in “Operation Lysistrata” by organizing actions in your cities, towns and villages, per geographical, hourly Meridian*, with two-hour music concerts, discussions, expression of thoughts and updates. The intent being that within twenty-four hours, we can cover the entire surface of the world, from North to South, from East to West of our long-suffering, wonderful, beautiful planet with peaceful rallies, music, marches, meetings, art and above all, determination for the Victory of Life over death. Through the internet, to act for ourselves, but also to follow the course of global actions as they will sweep the darkness, creating islands of freedom, exaltation and joy.

We invite collectives and organizations to participate in this initiative against all wars by declaring your intention to the email address  lysistratesnowar@gmail.com by Sunday 29 May and to take part in the video conference on Sunday 5 June. On Tuesday, May 24, the link for the online meeting for information and circulation will be sent to all participating organizations. Also, please post the call on media online or offline.

Let us illuminate with the love of our heart, the gloomy landscape that dispels the meaning of life. Let us move forward with perseverance, patience and passion with a pure mind and a warm soul.

*Geographical, hourly Meridian, means, at the same hour everywhere but not simultaneously (rolling time)