On the occasion of one year of war against Ukraine – Women in Black

Post by Sissy Vovou

On this occasion we demand:
– Urgent cessation of all military operations and the withdrawal of all Russian troops from the territory of the independent state of Ukraine, as well as from the occupied territories.
– Introduction of new and expansion of existing sanctions imposed by the European Union against the Russian Federation.
– An investigation by the International Criminal Court of crimes against civilians committed by Russian military formations by bombing not only military, but primarily civilian facilities in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities.
– That the state of Serbia adhere to the legal ban on sending volunteers from Serbia to the theater of war in Ukraine.
– We express our solidarity with the peace movement both in the attacked Ukraine and in the Russian Federation.

Women in Black
In Belgrade, February 25, 2022

“Women in Black Belgrade from Stop the War in Ukraine https://womeninblack.org/ 25-2-22

The photo is from an older mobilisation of Women in Black in London