Care in the time of coronavirus

Interesting and analytical study on this major theme, that is being discussed this difficult time and was published by oxfam library. The link:;jsessionid=A40680E0CAFD1F5BD94D1D67224B79DF?sequence=13

Wanted: A feminist lens on climate action!

1/7/2020 Article by Kalyani Menon Sen What decades of advocacy on climate change could not do, Covid-19 has done. Motivated by terror of an invisible but deadly enemy, millions of people have withdrawn from public spaces. Buses, trucks and cars have disappeared from our streets. Airports and train stations are silent and empty. Shops and …

How Malta’s abortion taboo leaves women in despair

26/6/2020 Sent by Leo Kalovyrnas   Border closures have trapped women seeking safe terminations and exposed the plight of those who cannot afford to travel. The nurse who told Marija she was still pregnant thought she was giving her patient good news. She chided Marija, who was seven weeks along, for not starting her vitamins …

Domestic abuse killings appear to double during UK’s lockdown

‘These men were violent, abusive and controlling before. The coronavirus lockdown has created conditions which give men excuses and additional triggers,’ says campaigner Maya Oppenheim
 Women’s Correspondent
 @mayaoppenheim Boots pharmacies will offer safe spaces for abused women from the beginning of May. Domestic violence killings appear to have more than doubled during the coronavirus lockdown. Karen Ingala Smith, who has been …