Final declaration,  VIGO on the 27th, 28th and 29th May 2016

We, activist women of the WMW in Europe, gathered in Galicia after several days of reflection, debates and interchanges to address the alarming international situation of wars, attacks from the right wing with coups, the social movements repression, struggles criminalization, murder of activist women, violence trivialization, cuts on our freedom, militarization of public spaces, strategies of fear, labor precarity, mercantilization of common goods and of our bodies, we want to express:

●     Our Solidarity with the Kurdish Women and their people that continue to resist the criminal attacks from ISIS and the Turkish State. We remember specially Seve Demir and her sisters, as well as Berta Cáceres and the rest of our sisters from the WMW murdered because of their struggles and all the political prisoners.

●     Our denunciation of the European Union complicity, that through its Member States sell arms, fund the destabilization of the area and take advantage of natural resources.

●     Our refusal regarding the European policy in relation to the refugees crisis and our demand to stop wars, open the borders to allow safe passage, to eliminate quotas and to accept all political and economic refugees.

●     Our concern and rejection of the environmental crisis caused by predatory capitalism and the exploitation of natural resources around the world carried out by transnational companies.

●     Our denunciation regarding the rise of the extreme right wing that threatens democracies in the world, as we see in Brazil with the racist, capitalist, machist coup.

●     Our rage against violence, persecution, deportation, criminalization and murder that activist women suffer when defending our rights and life sustainability.

●     Our denunciation regarding the blackmail perpetuated by the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Commission to different countries, especially Greece, Portugal and the Spanish State, in the name of austerity promoting policies that degrade the women’s lives and the lives of their people.

We are grateful to our sisters from the Galician National Coordination of the World March of Women for their effort in welcoming us and their work to make this event possible and we express our solidarity with the Galician women, especially Laura Bulgalho, sister prosecuted for her unshakable defense of migrants and the Nós Mesmas collective , victims of violent attacks for their lesbian activism.

This is not the world we want to build, we want a world of peace, demilitarized, a world without walls separating us, a world where human life is worth more than money. We want to build a world where children can play without fearing rape, murder or disappearance, where women are not victims of sexist violence and sexist behavior.

Our future is international solidarity, we will continue marching until all women are free.