Who we are

Today, 12th of September 2014, starts the journey of the new daily electronic “newspaper”, a website for women’s rights and women’s issues, in a nearly completed technical form, “Το Μωβ”, which was initially launched on the 1st of August 2014. We had a good and powerful beginning, and we have the ambition to cover in its electronic pages several issues, rights, demands, daily life, equality among locals and migrants, sexual orientation and gender identity, ideological analyses and studies, law, contribution of women in arts and science, young women, actions for women’s rights in Greece and abroad, internationalist solidarity. Our website strives to undermine and overturn the existing patriarchal mentalities, logic, hierarchies and powers, and promotes a global discourse for social change, from the standpoint of equality and feminism.

Our website is in the Greek language and promotes issues as they emerge and develop in the country. At the same time, we are internationalists, and we have added three international languages, English, French, Spanish, in which we will post, in order for women living in Greece but not knowing (well) the Greek language but also women abroad to be informed, especially concerning international developments. The posts in the three international languages will be much fewer than in Greek, and will be according to availability of the issues and the contribution of women in the international section of “Mov”.

We continue where we left the previous electronic newspaper Fylo Sykis (www.fylosykis.gr), in the middle of April 2014, since some of us were active members of its editorial committee and others in the circle of its supporters.

From the previous work in the website it was proven that we both want and are able to support such an ambitious project, and we have by now the support of many women and of some men in order to fulfill the target of the dynamic presence of women’s and feminist discourse in the public sphere.

Through this activity, we verify from yet another bastion that we are not objects of patriarchal power, but proactive agents undermining it, targeting in its total elimination.

We call for the continuation and broadening of both the circle of readers and of the contribution with material for publication.

The articles and publications posted are either the work of the editorial committee members or of other women, or republication from paper and electronic press. We also post important announcements of women’s organisations from Greece and abroad. Every supporter can send her own text or find something interesting already published. Important element for publication and proliferation is also Facebook. “To Mov” is a democratic and pluralist medium-website, based on the ideological framework mentioned.

Our website will organise various activities connected with women’s rights, in order for the publishing collective to meet with the broader circle of supporters and for the promotion of an interactive relation.

  • The editorial committee of “TO MOV”
  • Christina Kourkoula
  • Vera Siaterli
  • Sissy Vovou
  • Alexandra Makri
  • Dimitra Romanou
  • Alexia Tsouni