World March of Women, Newsletter

It was almost a year ago that we came together in São Paulo, Brazil, surrounded by feminist solidarity, light, colour,
diversity and inspiration. Together we celebrated our victories and carved out a new path for our movement: the
transfer of the International Secretariat (IS) to Africa and Mozambique, and the construction of the World March of

World March of Women


Volume 16, Number 2, August 2014


Women’s 4th International Action! We, the WMW, consider this decision – that many could conceive as high-risk – as
an opportunity to strengthen our movement. It is with this determination that we Mozambicans undertake this
responsibility, with the support of the International Committee (IC), our African sisters and all of you who make the
WMW the permanent, essential movement it is, through your actions and sharing.
“We have to end women’s isolation, so that, together with them, we may strengthen our movement”, reminded Awa
Ouedrago – IC member – during the Conference in Maputo, Mozambique in May that officially marked the IS
transition. It is with these words that we rise and go to sleep every day, as we think of these women in Palestine,
Nigeria, Nicaragua, Bangladesh and everywhere around the world. For all women and for ourselves, we reaffirm the
importance of our struggles for a better world free of violence!
We are making a huge effort to prepare information, documents and materials that will serve as a reference for our
th International Action. We recognise and value the collective processes of construction and organisation that are
taking place in the different world regions, and continue to encourage you all in your work to mobilise other groups
and National Coordinating Bodies (NCBs). In this way, our action will be ever more visible and we will be able to
make a real impact in the lives of many women, and to influence national, regional and global politicians!
In this newsletter you will find information related to this preparation, such as the 4th International Action decisions
taken during the IC meeting, an IS transition update, and other NCB and international information. We thank you for
your contributions sent to us from different parts of the world, and we ask you to continue to share your actions
with us.
Our struggle goes on, and we will continue on the march until we are all free!

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